About us

We are professionals with a passion for insightful data-driven change. We have decades of experience of delivering successful organisational change. We distill our skills and networks to advise clients and offer them practical, insightful, analysis of the key business challenges they are facing to inform and enable fact-based strategic change.

Org.Insight provides:

  • Deep analytical insight into organisational structures and operational functions, to inform the alignment of people, processes and technology for the successful delivery of your Vision and Strategy.
  • A business intelligence platform enabling:
    • Unique visualisation of your current organisation
    • Robust design flexibility
    • Predictive analytics to model your future organisation against the specific parameters you need
  • Access to our business intelligence solution, providing you with your own business analytics, reports and dashboards to support you in managing your on-going business and optimise operational efficiency and increase organisational effectiveness

What we do

When it comes to providing cutting edge efficiencies for our clients, Org.Insight's team provides unmatched capability, flexibility and service.  We offer our clients insightful analysis of their current challenges to inform practical, fact-based, tailored solutions

Organisational Change

Using our robust reporting and analytics capability, we work with our clients to identify current organisational and operational challenges and develop the solutions required to realise their business objectives and change goals

Operating Model and Organisation Design

Developing a thorough understanding of your business’s Vision and Strategy, we work with you to develop the operating model and organisational structure so you have the right people, at the right level, with the right skills, knowledge and experience required to deliver your success.

Business Intelligence

We work with you to get your operational and organisational data into a state where we can turn data into insight through analytical models and make it easy for you to access and use through a range of reports and dashboards. In this way you will be able to drive real value from your business data – eg. to identify and manage risk; identify trends, and monitor performance.

Workforce Planning and Resource Management

Through analysis of workflow peaks and troughs, against planned change programmes and workload volume changes, we can work with you to optimise your workforce plan, building resilience into your employed workforce through a better understanding of the roles, responsibilities, development needs and career paths you need to have in place to run your business. Introduction of a more robust internal structure will result in reduced reliance on external resources, together with the opportunity to realise significant cost savings.

Organisational and Operational Resilience

We provide on-going reporting and analytics capability for your Operational and HR teams, enabling greater visibility of performance against your own measures of success to inform better decision taking and drive sustainable improvements to your business performance.

We can provide you with a unique end-to-end insight into your organisation, through our ability to assemble, analyse, report, and provide predictive analysis on data provided by different technical, operational and organisational systems.


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Global Media Organisation

Operating model and radical new organisation design and employment models for global media organisation, to meet challenges of changing audience needs; organisational charter and implementation of digital platform.

Global Telecommunications

Organisational restructure to support introduction of digital technology platform, requiring significant process review and improvement, and associated organisational change and training to introduce new ways of working across c. 50,000 employed and contractor workforce.

FTSE 100 Company

We completed the design and implementation of a new group wide procurement operating model. Starting by completing a detailed analytical review of the current operating costs, which gave insight into both the current spend by category, contract and location and also the total cost of service delivery. We were able to design a more efficient organisation based on best practice processes aligned to an improved operating model.

Global Investment Bank

Fundamental transformation of organisational structure across 100,000 employees, resulting in significant organisational and operational efficiencies and introduction of new metrics to monitor, track and report on business performance

UK Retail Bank

Restructure of existing bank of c. 7,000 employees into a retail bank and an asset management organisation, requiring significant people, process and technology change underpinned by robust “as is” analysis to inform development of target organisations.

Public Sector – Education

Organisation design and restructure of OFSTED Outstanding primary school, through a thorough review of the existing workforce, roles and responsibilities and development of a target organisation which better utilised existing resources, providing greater development opportunities for teaching and non-teaching staff at all levels.

Facts about data analysis

Alice LaPlante, Teradata Magazine, Q3, 2013

More than ever before, a complete and varied cache of data is the most valuable asset an organization can possess. According to a 2012 report from Nucleus Research titled “The Big Returns From Big Data,” enormous value can be uncovered if all the right information is available. For example:

  • Higher margins. A major manufacturer analyzed purchasing and cost-related data in all of its vendors’ databases, enabling it to consolidate vendors, reduce the cost of goods sold and achieve a 942% return on investment (ROI).
  • Reduced labor costs. A resort integrated shift scheduling processes with data from a national weather service that allowed managers to avoid unnecessary shift assignments and increase staff utilization for an ROI of 1,822%.
  • Improved productivity. When a metropolitan police department combined its criminal records database with a national crime database, it was able to use national trends, local crime-related data and predictive analytics to allocate its law enforcement assets more effectively and reduce crime rates. The end result was an 863% ROI.
  • Increased revenues. Companies optimizing online campaigns can track clickstreams and continuously monitor data gathered from all customer touch points to improve the bottom line.

In its “Worldwide Big Data Technology and Services 2012-2015 Forecast,” IDC predicts that the market for big data technology and services will skyrocket to $16.9 billion by 2015. Organizations that wait to bring a unified environment into their business will be at a competitive disadvantage. Learning how to harness big data analytics can be daunting, but the payoff—rapid insight into all types of data—can be invaluable. A unified data and analytics environment brings together the services, platforms, applications and tools that make the payoff possible.

$3 million

Amount Intel saved using predictive analytics in 2012/projected $30 million for 2013/2014


Companies who use analytics for supply chain management 2012


Companies who use analytics for forecasting 2012


Companies who use analytics for forecasting 2012

How we work

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Organisations our consultants have worked with:

Our experienced team has successfully delivered significant business transformation programmes for over 30 years, with clients in the public, private, manufacturing and financial services sectors.

BBC; the Law Society; the Department for Education; Essex County Council; BT; PricewaterhouseCoopers; Deutsche Bank AG; Nationwide Building Society; Northern Rock Plc; Northern Rock Asset Management; Jardine Lloyd Thompson Limited; Norwich Union/Aviva; CapCo and National Counties Building Society; Southern Water; Babcock.